What to expect

On your first visit, we will take a comprehensive medical history followed by a thorough examination, to help us diagnose the problem and work out how best to treat and manage your problem.

We will explain the findings of the examination, what treatment is likely to help, and why. Your treatment will be started during this first session. You will receive advice and guidance about how to help manage the problem yourself, along with appropriate exercise to undertake. This will, of course, be progressed throughout your treatment, in order to facilitate timely recovery and return to activity and sport.

Our approach

As has been previously mentioned, treatment at Focus is ‘hands-on’, with our aim to improve how joints, muscles, and other components, like nerves and tendons, are able to move and function, with the aim of allowing you to be able to move in a more efficient, ‘normal’ manner. Essentially, if you’re not able to move normally, then you won’t be able to recover.

By improving how we move, we start to redistribute some of the load that joints and tissues, experienced when we develop faulty movement patterns. We often develop those poor habits related to posture, poise, lifestyle over periods of time.

Improving those faulty movement patterns, is what is required to help reduce and resolve pain, ultimately allowing us to get back to doing the things we want and need to do, well.

Exercise prescription, aiming to target the problem area and help rectify problem areas and movements identified, will be provided, and progressed, as part of your treatment sessions.