About Us

Focus Physiotherapy has been established, now, for almost 20 years, providing an effective, evidence-based service to our clients, helping them to resolve and manage their problems.

As Chartered Physiotherapists, we employ a hands-on manual therapy approach to addressing your problem, using techniques like manipulation and mobilisation, acupuncture/dry needling, and targeted rehabilitative exercise.

Jason Chillingworth

MSc (Health Ergonomics) MCSP HCPC

Jason has several decades of experience, working both in the U.K., as well as Australia, helping individuals as well as corporations to manage and resolve musculoskeletal disorders. Problems range from sports injuries, including to an elite level, spinal and other joint pains as well as the wide range of other musculoskeletal disorders that affect individuals.

He takes a very hands-on approach to assessment and treatment and believes in taking a holistic approach to the process.